best dog leash for hiking

In search of the best dog leash for hiking? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be examining a variety of products that excel in numerous aspects. Our comprehensive reviews will assist you in finding the best leash for your next hiking escapade!

The Fable Magic Link stands out as our top choice, offering a perfect blend of durability, comfort, and functionality. We strongly recommend taking a closer look at this and the other products in our list before making your final decision.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of dog leashes for hiking and uncover the perfect product for you and your four-legged friend on your next outdoor adventure.


How We Chose the Best Dog Leash for Hiking

Selecting the best dog leash for hiking involved carefully evaluating several factors, including durability, comfort, functionality, and overall design. We took into account the materials used, the leash length, and additional features like reflective strips and handles. 

Moreover, we conducted rigorous real-world testing to ensure that our top picks meet the highest standards of performance in various outdoor situations. This meticulous approach allowed us to confidently present you with a list of top-notch hiking dog leashes that excel in meeting the needs of both you and your furry companion on your outdoor adventures.

Overview of The Best Dog Leash for Hiking 2023:

Fable Magic Link Dog Leash

Diggs Dog Leash

Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash

Lynxking Check Cord Leash

TAKSIN Hands Free Leash System


Fable Magic Link Dog Leash

Best Dog Leash for Hiking
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Versatility and Comfort

As a passionate dog owner and hiker, I can confidently say that the Fable Magic Link Dog Leash is among the best dog leashes for hiking I’ve ever tried. The versatility of this leash is truly outstanding, as it can be worn in multiple ways by humans: as a belt, a bandolier, or a wrist-strap, and it can serve as a slip-on collar or a conventional leash when attached to a separate harness. No matter which way I chose to wear it, my dog and I were comfortable throughout our hiking adventures.

Design and Features

This leash is made from industrial-strength brushed cord and aluminum hardware, making it both durable and waterproof. It has been strength tested to withstand up to 350 lbs of pull force, ensuring that it can handle even the strongest dogs. I found that it’s also odor-proof and easy to clean, although it might not be suitable for dogs that like to chew. The leash comes in two sizes, and I was able to find the perfect fit for my dog. The patent-pending security clip is a fantastic feature that ensures your pet stays safely attached during your hike.

I experimented with the three primary methods of attaching the Magic Link to my dog: 1) as a conventional leash by attaching the clip to a D-Ring on any collar or harness, 2) as a Magic Link fixed loop by adjusting the distance between the clip and the sliding lower D-Ring to create a loop that acts as a collar around my dog’s neck and hooking the clip to the leashe’s lower D-Ring, and 3) as a free loop by adjusting the distance between the clip and the lower D-Ring to create a loop that acts as a collar around my dog’s neck and hooking the clip to the leash’s rope just above the lower D-Ring.

It performed exceptionally well in all configurations. With its waterproof, mold-proof, and easy-to-clean features, the Fable Magic Link Dog Leash has become my go-to choice for any outdoor adventure with my best buddy.

best dog leash for hiking


Diggs Dog Leash

best dog leash for hiking

Style and Comfort

When I first tried the Diggs Dog Leash, I was immediately impressed by its elegant design and durable construction. It features beautiful matte metal accents and a premium, soft-touch coated nylon that is easy to grip. This leash is designed to be both beautiful and comfortable, making it a perfect option for pet owners who value style and function when looking for the best dog leash for hiking. Many customers have noted how comfortable this leash is in their hands and how it has a unique texture that is smooth and easy to clean.

Safety and Convenience

Safety is a top priority for Diggs, and this leash is no exception. It features a 360-degree swiveling snap hook, which I found to be extremely helpful in preventing tangles and allowing my pet to move with ease. The D-ring near the handle is a convenient addition, as I was able to attach accessories like the Diggs Dispenser. Additionally, the leash is odor-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean, so I felt confident exploring any terrain without worry. This leash exceeded my expectations in terms of safety and comfort, making it a fantastic option for hiking adventures.

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Customers have praised this leash for its durability, with many stating that it has outlasted other leashes they have tried. It is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor activities, ensuring that it will last for a long time. One of the standout features of this leash is how easy it is to clean. Whether your dog is all white or loves to play in the mud, this leash can be effortlessly washed off with soap and water, retaining its beautiful appearance.

Color Options and Compliments

I liked that this leash is available in a variety of colors, including a lovely lilac shade that has received numerous compliments from other dog owners. This allows pet owners to select a color that matches their personal style or coordinates with their dog’s collar. The quality of the leash has not gone unnoticed, as customers frequently comment on the superior craftsmanship of Diggs products compared to other brands.

Overall, this leash offers style, comfort, safety, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for those in search of the best dog leash for hiking. Its durability and easy maintenance make it a reliable option for outdoor adventures, and the variety of colors available ensures that you can find the perfect leash to suit your personal style.


Tuff Mutt Hands Free Leash

best dog leash for hiking

Hands-Free Experience

As an active dog owner who enjoys running and hiking with my pet, the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Leash has been a game-changer. With its easy glide belt clip, my dog could smoothly move from side to side without tripping me up. The 4-foot lead provides ample space, and the bungee leash can stretch up to 5 feet, making it suitable for medium and large dogs like mine. Many customers have shared that this hands-free leash not only improves their walking or running experience but also allows them to multitask, such as using their phones or attending to their children.

Control and Safety

What really sets this leash apart as one of the best dog leashes for hiking is the level of control it offers. The double handle design allowed me to guide my dog back on track using the hip handle, while the collar handle provided direct control when needed. The leash is also made with reflective thread and quality materials to ensure my pet and I stay safe and visible during evening runs or hikes. Customers have found that this leash grants them better control over their dogs in various situations, from neighborhood walks to exploring rough terrain.

A Leash for Various Lifestyles

Something unique about this leash is that it caters to different lifestyles, making it a versatile choice as the best dog leash for hiking. Avid runners appreciate the relief from shoulder pain and improved natural running motion, while adventure enthusiasts enjoy better control and the use of weather-resistant materials. Active parents find that they can keep both hands on a stroller and focus on their little ones, and neighborhood walkers benefit from the 48-inch lead that keeps their dogs close while still offering dual handles for complete control.

Customer Satisfaction and Room for Improvement

Overall, customers have expressed satisfaction with this hiking leash. They have mentioned that it has improved their walks, runs, and hikes with their dogs, providing more control and comfort. Some users have even shared that it works well for birdwatching and other activities that require hands-free multitasking. However, a few customers have suggested that the leash could be improved by offering adjustable lengths or additional length options to cater to different preferences.

In conclusion, the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Leash has proven to be a valuable addition to the lives of active dog owners. With its hands-free design, control, safety features, and versatility for various lifestyles, it has become an indispensable part of many people’s outdoor adventures with their furry friends.


Lynxking Check Cord Leash

best dog leash for hiking

Optimal Thickness and No Tangle Design

The Lynxking Check Cord Leash has quickly become one of my favorites when it comes to choosing the best dog leash for hiking. With its 3/8″ thickness, it strikes the perfect balance between weight and strength, making it both strong and portable for all of my outdoor adventures with my dog. The round climbing rope and 360-degree rotating clasp design ensure that the leash won’t tangle, whether in use or when rolled up. This makes it perfect for various outdoor activities like hiking, camping, training, hunting, playing in the backyard or at the beach, and swimming.

Lightweight, Non-Absorbent Material and Durable Handle

One of the standout features of this leash is its lightweight and non-absorbent material, which means it won’t get heavier when it comes into contact with water. In fact, it floats when submerged and remains highly visible against any background. The double-layer woven handle is soft and comfortable, ensuring that my hand doesn’t suffer from rope burns. The joint of the rope is sewn by a machine, making it incredibly strong and durable.

Various Sizes and Uses

The Check Cord leash comes in a range of sizes, including 10-foot, 15-foot, 30-foot, and 50-foot lengths, catering to different training purposes and needs. I found the 10-foot and 15-foot lengths ideal for daily walking and hiking, while the 30-foot option is great for close ball play or providing my dog with the freedom to use the potty.

The 50-foot length is perfect for recall training, off-leash training, and allowing my dog to run freely. With its vibrant colors, soft padded handle, heavy-duty swivel hook, and non-absorbent material, this leash is a versatile and reliable choice for any dog owner seeking the best dog leash for hiking and other outdoor activities. 


TAKSIN Hands Free Leash System

best dog leash for hiking

Super Reflective Bungee Leash and Adjustable Length

The TAKSIN Hands Free Leash System is another fantastic option for the best dog leash for hiking. The super reflective bungee leash ensures that both you and your dog are visible during night walks, enhancing safety. The two handles on the leash provide better control and make it easier to navigate with your dog. The bungee component of the leash helps absorb shock, reducing strain on your dog. If you prefer to have your dog walk closer to you or if they tend to pull, the length of the leash can easily be adjusted using the D-rings.

Poop Bag Dispenser, Treat Holder, and Expandable Drawstring Bags

This leash system comes with a poop bag dispenser that efficiently dispenses one poop bag at a time and has enough room to carry multiple rolls of poop bags. The dispenser and treat holder can be removed from the belt pack for standalone use. Additionally, the system includes two expandable drawstring bags, allowing you to store used poop bags and other items like water bottles, phones, or gloves during your walk. A bonus roll of poop bags is also included to get you started.

Comfortable, Adjustable, and Durable

The system is designed with comfort and durability in mind. The belt pack is adjustable to fit people of all sizes and features a quick-release buckle for easy on and off. It’s padded all around for added comfort, and there are three D-ring connectors on the right, middle, and left side of the pack to attach the leash to your preferred side or to hang items like keys or a flashlight.

The leash system is made from heavy-duty 600-denier polyester fabric, rugged webbing, and strong metal hardware, with reinforcements in key areas for added strength and durability. The system also comes with a one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee making this a safe bet (financially) as the best dog leash for hiking.

Perfect for Workouts and Everyday Use

This product is perfect for working out with your dog, as the bungee leash has no bounce back, and the utility pack is slim and comfortable during a run. Additionally, the highly reflective leash and utility pack keep you and your dog visible at night, enhancing safety. The utility pack also features pockets for personal items, an expandable waste pouch, and a removable dog treat holder/poop bag dispenser pouch, making it a versatile and convenient option for hiking and everyday use.

best dog leash for hiking


Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Leash for Hiking

Selecting the best dog leash for hiking is crucial for the safety and comfort of both you and your canine companion. A proper leash ensures that your dog stays close and under control while you navigate the great outdoors together. In this buying guide, we will highlight the key factors to consider when purchasing a hiking dog leash.

Material and Durability

When hiking, your leash will be exposed to various elements such as water, mud, rocks, and branches. The best dog leash for hiking will be made from durable materials like nylon or climbing rope will ensure that it withstands the wear and tear of outdoor adventures. A high-quality leash should also have reinforced stitching and sturdy metal hardware to prevent breakage.

Some popular materials for hiking leashes include:

  • Nylon: Lightweight, strong, and resistant to water and abrasions.
  • Climbing rope: Extremely durable and strong, often used in mountain climbing.
  • Biothane: A synthetic material that is waterproof, easy to clean, and resistant to odors.

Length and Adjustability

The ideal leash length depends on your dog’s size, behavior, and the hiking environment. A leash between 4 and 6 feet long offers good control in most situations. However, if you’re hiking in a more open area, you might prefer an adjustable or longer leash to give your dog more freedom to explore. Make sure to adhere to leash length regulations in specific parks and trails.

Adjustable leashes may come with:

  • Multiple D-rings: These allow you to shorten or lengthen the leash as needed.
  • Retractable mechanism: Provides more control over the leash length but may not be suitable for strong pullers.

Reflective Strips

Reflective strips on the leash enhance visibility, ensuring that you and your dog are easily spotted in low-light conditions. This feature is particularly important when hiking during early mornings, late afternoons, or in foggy weather. The reflective strips can be found along the leash’s length or on the leash’s handle.

Comfortable Handle

A padded handle provides extra comfort, especially when your dog pulls or when you need to hold the leash tightly for extended periods. Some leashes even come with multiple handles, offering better control in different situations.

Common handle features include:

  • Neoprene padding: Adds cushioning for a more comfortable grip.
  • Traffic handle: A short handle located closer to the dog’s collar for increased control in crowded or high-traffic areas.

Bungee or Shock-Absorbing Feature

A leash with a built-in bungee or shock-absorbing feature can reduce the strain on both you and your dog when there’s sudden pulling. This feature is particularly helpful for dogs that tend to lunge or pull during hikes. The bungee or shock-absorbing section is usually located near the handle or along the leash’s length.

Hands-Free Option

A hands-free leash system, which attaches around your waist, allows you to use your hands for other activities like taking photos or holding a water bottle. This can also help to maintain better balance and stability on uneven terrain. Hands-free leashes usually have an adjustable belt and a quick-release buckle for easy use.


It’s important to never forget that selecting the right hiking dog leash requires careful consideration of various factors, such as durability, length, visibility, and comfort. A well-chosen leash will not only enhance your hiking experience but also ensure the safety and well-being of both you and your dog. Not to mention, the best dog leash for hiking will always save you money in the end!

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